BeagleBone ProfiBus Cape

Hi all,

I would know more informations about the BeagleBone ProfiBus Cape:

when will be it available? In case the production times are long, is it possible to know of which components does it consist?

Speaking about industrial communications, will be ever possible to have a BeagleBone EtherCAT Cape?

Thank you!


Did you check here?


Thank you for your answer,

yes, I checked, it says that this cape should be available since last spring, but it is not!

I have seen from the TI site the follow link, where they propose to use the integrate ISO1176T:

do you think I can use that circuit instead waiting for the profibus cape?

Thank you very much,


That is your call.


Thank you for your answer, yes, that’s up to me, but I was just wondering if the profibus cape would have the same purpose of the TI’s circuit (fit the requirements for the physical layer) or would have additional functionalities



I just saw this thread. Is the Profibus Cape being sold somewhere? I can’t seem to find it…?