BeagleBone project announcement and request for help

Hi Beagle's

We believe the claims of some cold fusion inventors* have enough
validity to spend some time and money to try to replicate and verify.
To do that we launched the project "Open Catalyst" which aims at
enabling the crowd to do a collective search for the secret catalyst.
Towards this end we are in the process of engineering a simple yet
adequate reactor-calorimeter, called the “Peer Pressure”. We plan to
produce Peer Pressure reactors at a large scale and make them
available to scientists in the field who are interested in
participating in this crowd science project. The core of this
calorimeter is a BeagleBone controller. We envision the Peer Pressure
to be internet connected and remote controlled by the operator. Long
time-lapse experimental runs can be started by the operator and the
BeagleBone controls recipe execution as well as data acquisition and
energy balance calculations. Upon completion of a measurement run the
operator is encouraged to share his results with the community, which,
we envision, can be done with a click of the mouse. This way, we hope
to build a database of accurate and standardized experimental results
that can be sliced and diced by other experimenters as well as
scientists working on theoretical explanations of the anomalous

For building this calorimeter device we need your help, the help of
experienced robotics/remote control engineers. Specifically we need
help with the design of I/O electronics that interface between the
BeagleBone and the actuators and transducers of the Peer Pressure. We
will further need help with the software; to turn the BeagleBone in a
specialized webserver and enable smooth measurement and data sharing.

Please let me know if you want to be involved in this project, let me
know if you have some time to look into the hardware we need or if you
have done some previous work that could benefit this project. Needless
to say, the Peer Pressure and the Open Catalyst project are open
source, everything will be in the public domain. Fusion Catalyst is a
non-profit organization incorporated in California.

Bastiaan Bergman

To learn more about the project:
To learn why I think cold fusion is true:

*) Andrea Rossi being the most recent and most advanced one.

Nice one, you almost had me for a moment :slight_smile:

FusionCatalyst wrote:

The thing that bugs me about LENR, AKA Cold Fusion, is that no one is
willing to do any basic research to actually demonstrate that it
exists. From the Fusion Catalyst web site, "This project is not for
the skeptics. It’s not designed to deliver results that may convince

The cold fusion inventor Andrea Rossi refuses to show any details of
the internals of his invention. Proponents, such as the OP, claim his
results are "proven" by the simple fact of the high energy output of
his device, the same fact that is in dispute!

Then on top of that, this group seems to be on a mission to produce a
calorimeter to advance the state of the science. I don't think the
limitation in finding researchers to conduct cold fusion experiments
is lack of adequate equipment. It might be the lack of adequate
science which can be changed by a single calorimeter used

I would be happy to acknowledge the existence of cold fusion if the
cold fusion advocates were willing to work within the same rules of
logic and science that we have been using for the last 400 years.

Involving BeagleBone is not the solution to their problems although
I'd be happy to sell them equipment if they really want it.

please read the book "bad science" by gary taubes. then just move
on. this is not the forum to debate the merits of cold fusion.


I am not claiming to have (invented) cold fusion, I want to verify
existing claims. Why is that bad science?

Regarding the cold fusion sage, the most puzzling to me is the
question: if cold fusion can be done, then why is it denied for so
long? The furious and dismissive responses I often get on proposals
like this might contain the answer,...


grrrrrrrr ... if you have beagleboard questions, then by all means,
ask them. if you have cold fusion questions, please take them to
alt.crackpot.tinfoil.conspiracy. feel free to learn basic science on
the way.


Ignoring the rude comments, why exactly do you think BeagleBone is the
right development board for your needs?

Are you looking for people to do the development work as part of a
community effort?

How do you expect to fabricate the units and distribute them? Do you
have researchers who are interested in using them? What about the
plumbing part, the calorimeter, is that under design?


Quoting "Robert P. J. Day" <>:

if you have cold fusion questions, please take them to
alt.crackpot.tinfoil.conspiracy. feel free to learn basic science on
the way.

You should take some of your own medicine. Real, proper science
requires an open mind.


At risk of angering the powers that be, I don't understand why you say
Cold Fusion can be done. My understanding is that there are some
unexplained power generation experiments that don't exactly produce
useful information on how to utilize what is happening. I read about
an Italian researcher who makes claims of producing 1 MW installations
but his schedule continues to be set back and he won't really let
anyone test his apparatus. There is a lot of debate about the results
of the tests he runs and he says he is not interested in proving the
techniques or the theory.

How can you expect a reasonable skeptic to believe this sort of

I am not a disbeliever, but I am waiting for verifiable evidence. I
seriously doubt that it is indeed fusion. I expect it is some other
mechanism that has not yet been considered and may or may not turn out
to be a useful energy source. I only hope it does as the promise is
pretty amazing really.


PS I really would like to discuss the project with you as I mentioned
in my other post. If you prefer to do this off line please contact me
by email. You can use rick dot collins dot 2012 at arius dot com


The thing that I believe that needs to be done is testing many
different solid state materials and combinations. There is not much of
guidance from theory, so we will have to scan through large parts of
parameter space. I think the whole question is similar to the search
for semiconductor material: nobody new it would/could exist until
somebody stumbled upon it.

To do this scan I would like to build an array of many (100's)
reactors that follow automated recipes of heating and pressurizing
cycles and accurately measure the heat generated. Such an automated
recipe can easily take a day or a couple of days, hence the need for
automation. (automation also improves the repeatability, btw). When we
find something that has a little bit heat generated that seems to be
in excess of expectations than that is not immediately a proof of cold
fusion. There are many details and potential sources of error to take
into account. But it is a sign that would definitely trigger more
investigations in exactly the circumstances that produced the first
anomaly. That's what I meant with "not intended to convince the
skeptics". Hopefully we can, by fine tuning the parameters around the
first point that shows somewhat of a -possible- anomaly, improve the
excess heat up to the point of a definite proof. Such as Rossi claims
to have.

If you were living in pre-semiconductor times, heard of un-confirmed
reports from weird-ass labs across the border in Russia, and were set
to investigate, you would follow exactly the same procedure. The whole
discussion on whether or not to be skeptical is useless. If you're
easily hurt by experiments that don't work when you flip the switch,
than science is not the thing for you.

I plan to do this, when I have the funding, until that point I want to
start with one. And I think there are more people like me, who like to
get started with doing some experiments. It would enhance our efforts
if we made them in a (somewhat) standardized and comparable way. It
would further enhance if we made the data available to compare. Maybe
clue's are hidden in the data, not immediately apparent to the
experimenter. I have been positively surprised of what a larger
community is able to do, through the efficiency of Internet and with
the excitement of true purpose, amazing things have been realized.

BeagleBone is a good fit because it offers easy connectivity to the
Internet is cheap and simple and has a good community that can help
with the I/O and software. I know there are other boards available,
but I think the availability of standardized web software combined
with good I/O possibilities and price is the best for BeagleBone.

First thing to do is build a prototype and show the (cold fusion
believers-) community that it is useful. I have been working on the
plumbing and heating parts for the last couple of weeks, this is
almost done now. Now I am working on the I/O design, and I think I'm
close to done with that one too. Thereafter we're talking about
improvements, this can go on indefinite, I'm sure. The software will
also be a project that's never finished.

After showing the prototype I hope a significant number of people gets
interested and want to join the effort. Today the world is discussing
whether to believe or not, tomorrow we will want to try. Let's say
there was some sort of uber-authority that could declare cold fusion
to be true, as of today. Would you believe it? Wouldn't you want to
see it for yourself?

A channel I am thinking of for sales is

Are you looking for people to do the development work as part of a community effort?

Yes. More specifically:

The prototype will likely work with a BeagleBone and a breadboard-cape
with some separate IC's to be connected with pieces of wire. Would be
nice if we can make that into a real cape, carefully thought through
for reliability and available in a ready made plug-and-play form.

For the software, on a low level we need to interface with all
connected I/O. On a mid level we need to enable the experimenter to
make recipes, in a physical way. Thus the software needs to deal with
hardware specifics, such as how many milliseconds should we open the
inlet valve in order to pressurize to 200PSI? The experimenter just
wants to have a command available like: "Pressurize(200)". At the
highest level we need to access tha data stored on the BeagleBone. The
experimenter will access it through the inter/intra net though TCP/IP,
and gets to a webpage serving the current state, the previous data and
controls for the next recipe to be run. Also on this webpage are links
that enable the sharing of the data in a central place on Internet
(either a DB on or maybe on a commercial service
like Google Big Data).

Hope this inspires you, as much as it does me!

You have inspired me! I've always had a huge interest in ColdFusion
but I'm guessing it takes a lot of funding just for one coldfusion
test is this correct? I'm very interested in this project I'd like to
help out anyway I can, I have a 5+ year background with MySql
Databases and web development for example PHP,HTML,Javascript,Jquery,
the list goes on so if you need any assistance please don't hesitate
to ask, I will help contribute to this project for free.

Also I'm constantly doing a lot of research with the beagle bone its
been over a month or two now since I've owned one and I still can't
seem to figure out how to use the pin headers for examples that your
talking about or to even read simple analog data for instance as
simple as it should be to do I still can't figure out for the life of
me how to read an analog(or digital) device that is present(and
correctly in such pins) such as a potentiometer or a photocell... The
most I or anyone else can explain clearly that I've found upon is i
can only control the onboard beaglebone LEDS but those don't help for
mine or your project.
Here is a python tutorial i made:
Here is a KnightRider LED python script i made, upload it to
beaglebone then run in python form terminal and beaglebone leds will
light up like night rider:

Maybe hopefully the LEDs script can assist you in some way to figure
out how to access the pins

Thats the furthest I've been -- If anyone knows how to read a simple
analog or digital signal please help us!

Anyways I like your view point on how you don't accept that just
because Cold fusion doesn't exist doesn't mean that there isn't a
possibility that it can't exist and be used to benefit mankind --
Spoken like a true scientist!

Also are you the owner/admin of that website or is that seperate from