BeagleBone: Protel DXP Library?

I've Pre-ordered some BeagleBones. Whilst waiting for these is there
any library available for Protel so I can begin designing my own
board? I basically want to make my own small development board and
ensure everything works before I assign this MCU to a full project.
Before I can do this I need to design the MCU footprint/etc and place
it into my library, but if someone else has already done this and is
willing to share it would save loads of time.

All I find on the web is the schematics of the board, which, whilst
useful, are not so good for designing the physical PCB.

No protel libraries are available. The design is done in Orcad and Allegro. There will be Eagle PCB profiles available soon.


it is very easy used wizard of altium or protel to make footprint of xam3359…u should make it by yourshelf!

2012/8/7 BigB <>