BeagleBone Proto Cape

Be careful when using the BeagleBone Proto Cape : the 5V power labels are not correct. SYS5V and VDD5V should be exchanged.

Please note that this is the Proto Cape from Logic Suppy:

Yes, the bus labeled SYS5V is connected to the DC barrel jack and the bus labeled VDD5V is connected to the output of the BeagleBone’s 5V regulator. It should be the other way around to be completely consistent with the labeling on the BeagleBone’s schematics. Of course it’s only a concern if you are supplying 5V to the BeagleBone through the cape instead of through the barrel jack, in which case you’d want to use the SYS5V bus. There’s a note on the product page explaining this.


Hi Alex,
For supplying the BB through the cape, you say : “…in which case you’d want to use the SYS5V bus”.
I suppose you are speaking about the wrong SYS5V label on proto cape, and not the real BB’s SYS5V bus.
On BB, SYS5V is an output of the Texas power management chip (TPS65217B).
For supplying through the cape, you need to feed power to P9 5-6 (=VDD5V on BB’s schematics), don’t you ?

Correct, I was referring to the label on the proto cape.