BeagleBone PXE boot support in various distributions

I recently purchased my second BeagleBone, and the project I'm working
on involves using the Bones as sensors on the edge of (a) network(s).
They currently communicate with a master server for logging, etc. I
have now come upon the desire to maintain consistent images amongst a
pack of dogs. By my reckoning, the most logical way to do that would
be to set up a PXE server to push updates to the pack. It appears that
this is possible, but I haven't heard it discussed on this board. I
came across a thread at:

And based on that, it seems reasonable to get it going, except that
I'm not certain how to get to the starting point of that post. It
appears that both host and client are running some form of Ubuntu.
Given enough time, and enough carbonated beverages, I can probably
bang that out on my own.

What I would like to know is, has anyone tried such a thing with
Angstrom, and what has been your experience? Has anyone tried it with
another distribution?

All comments and suggestions are welcome.

Best regards,