BeagleBone RAM 512M


Does any of you guys really need or ever felt that your task would
need 512M of RAM? I think it's pretty much a lot for tasks without
intensive graphics. The new Beaglebone Black version will come with
512M and I just want to know if anyone could load this huge amount of

Thanks for any answers!

opencv doing some image processing can get there pretty quick

Because of the still limited write-cycles of flash it makes sense to put large parts of the system on tempfs…
KiB Mem: 251232 total, 189460 used, 61772 free, 65596 buffers
There is still 61772 free but I would like to have more for tempfs…


what's a point to have 256M of important data in RAM while it is
volatile? You want to loose all of your data suddenly?

Andre, thanks for the clue about opencv!

If the user pulls the plug out and you're not able to shutdown cleanly,
you don't want file system corruption. One way to make this work is to
have your root fs in a ramdisk, or at least anything that gets writes
in a ramdisk. Obviously if the data's actually important, it'd have to
be unloaded on a regular basis as it will all be lost on power down.