[beaglebone reliability tests] ubuntu login problem issues

Hi, Im doing some tests for beaglebone reliability , resuming how many
days without any failure.
Don't know if anyone as experienced some login problems to beaglebone
with ubuntu.

I've pass for that situation, that ssh ask for user and pass than kind
of block there. Try again to login into ssh and ask again for user and
pass then blocks there again. And the heart beat led is blinking fast.
Don't know what could cause that because there are no processor use
more than 5%


I haven't come across any with 11.10.
I have had a couple of disk corruptions probably caused during power down, fixed by running fsck.ext4 on partition 2.

Hi, I think my problem was because an usb hub that I was using with a
wireless dongle connected.
Some voltage tests and I saw that usb hub has an voltage of 4,5V at
outputs, thats not nice its a drop of 10% that should be.
This could cause system instability on this system, because I access
the beaglebone by wireless

I also mesured the current on usb devices for curiosity
USB hub 80mA
Wireless dongle DLINK 200mA-210mA
USB 3G ZTE MF626 200mA-300mA

A good power supply is a must in this kind of systems, so I replaced
my 5V@1,2A with a 5V@2A plus a supercapacitor 0,5F at power input of
Also connected that hub power to beagle 5V voltage supply, now hub
outputs are at 5,1V that's nice.
The test is now running with a 3G dongle and the wireless dongle
connected to that USB hub non stop running system

Now lets see with time...