BeagleBone Remote Seismometer Node

Hello Everyone!

This is Lakshadeep Naik, masters in Autonomous Systems student at Bonn Rhine Sieg University of Applied Science, Bonn, Germany. I have obtained my bachelors degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Goa, India. I am interested in working on BeagleBone Remote Seismometer Node project idea. I have experience of working on various ARM boards including Beaglebone Black. I have also worked on various projects involving accelerometer and other sensor interfacing, data processing etc. I have developed web based display and control tools for various embedded system projects. I have attached my CV for more details. I feel I have enough hardware and software skills to complete this project successfully. I would like to write a proposal for this project. Mentors please guide me regarding what all things are expected in the proposal.

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lakshadeep-cv.pdf (206 KB)

I provided a project proposal template to try to streamline the mentors review of proposals.