BeagleBone Rev. A5 Ethernet issue


few days ago i have received BeagleBone Rev. A5. Details is following:

S/N: 0512BB000122
Image: 02_14_12
Ordered from Special Computing:
[21306] AC Power Adapter 5V@2.0A (5.5mm)
[42203] BB-BONE Clear Acrylic case
[42501] BB-BONE RevA5 Kit

Now the story. I have connected power adapter and Ethernet cable and
boot from original image. Everything works fine and i have network.
After i have decided on another SD card install Arch Linux. Device
booted properly and i have network connection. I did update of Arch
Linux and again network works very fine. I have installed Apache and
was doing some static content download performance tests. The results
was fine and everything was OK. Almost 2 days device was not switched
off and most of the time it is idle.

Today morning I realized that Ethernet port lights was off and light
on the Ethernet switch also off. Power light on BeagleBone was On. Of
course ping not give any result. I have rebooted device few times
without success. After i have installed original SD card and result
same. Everything boots up correctly, but no lights on Ethernet port
(and also on network switch). I have tried to change cable, switch
port, but result was same. So, i disconnected device from power for
about 15 min and after when i plug power again i realized that amber
light is on when device just connected, but after 0.5-1min brightness
of amber light reduces and finally it is going off. When amber light
still on i am getting messages below:

CPSW phy found : id is : 0x7c0f1
[ 5.701443] PHY 0:01 not found

but, when light goes off after reboot I have following.

[ 4.254301] PHY 0:00 not found
[ 4.257578] PHY 0:01 not found

Could you please tell me where can be issue?

Best Regards,

I have cannot tell youexactly what the issue is. The PHY0:01 message is normal as there is no PHY connected to the second ethernet controller. Check the RESET line and see what the volatge level is.


hi Gerald,

I have measured voltage on pin 10 on P9. Initial voltage after
powering on is about 1.6V but after 20-60 seconds it is gradually
reducing to 1.4V.
Some more information.
When device is powered off for a long time (more than 2-3 hours) and
after powering on Ethernet interface is working for 10-15 seconds.

Should i fill RMA request or there is chance to do something?

Thank you,