BeagleBone Rev A6 Additional PRU Question

Hello again Gerald,

In the A6 release notes, there is this line item:

  • Two additional PRU signals overlaid with existing signals to the expansion header

How are these two additional PRU signals implemented, and is this documented in the SRM? What exactly does this mean, are there two additional GPIO mux options on the A6 for example?

Thanks in advance

PRU signals come in groups and are scattered everywhere, many of them not going to the expansion headers. Only one group of 8 is accessible on the expansion header. Two were missing on earlier revisions to complete a group of 8. Those were added by connecting them to other signals that were already there via resistors. Hence the the term overlaid. Yu can see how this was done by looking at the schematics.

The PRU is NOT documented in the SRM. You will need to get that information from TI.


PRU documentation is at

Thanks Gerald