[BeagleBone Rev A6]: Starterware ver2.0.0.7 , IAR workbench 6.3 , and build bootloader

I try to build the bootloader project , supported by starterware TI , it builds successfull , and makes 3 files MLO : boot.ini ,boot_ti.ini, and boot.out, I have renamed the file boot_ti.ini to “MLO” , and used the TI_SDCard_boot_utility_v1_0.exe to format SD card of beaglebone , and copy this MLO to SD card . When I power on , use terminal to test this boot , nothing happened
Are there anyone know my issue? Please help me solve it


Try the instruction from here http://downloads.angstrom-distribution.org/demo/beaglebone/

How to Unpack and Boot the Demo Image - the hard way1. Format the SD card using mkcard.txt. For example: sh mkcard.txt /dev/sdX, where X is the drive letter of the SD card. On systems like Ubuntu that would look like ‘sudo sh mkcard.txt /dev/sdX’.

  1. Copy MLO, u-boot.img and uImage from http://www.angstrom-distribution.org/demo/beaglebone/ to the first partition

The sequence of 2. does matter.

Hope this will help


Hi Jan , I work with starterware , not with angstrom OS .Anyway thank you

2012/9/11 Jan Szymanski <jan.szymanski@uts.edu.au>