Beaglebone schematic...unable to open with OrCAD Capture v15.7

When I open the .dns in OrCAD Capture it states the I’m trying to read a design that is not supported by my version on database. Any suggestions?

It is insaved in Rev 16.2. Anything lower than that may be tough to do. My suggestion would be to see about an upgrade.


Hi Gerald, I had tried to open the OrCad Schematic using version 16.2 but the system responds “Attempt to read a design file which is not supported by this version of database”. Please help to advise, Which Orcad Schematic & layout version will help me to view the schematic & layout files.
Jubin Kuriakose

That is because it is 16.5! Email me direct and I can get you the 16.2 version.