BeagleBone "snd_ac97_bus" and "snd_ac97_mixer" undefined?


I’m running the 12.04 ubuntu kernel, 3.2.25-psp20, and am trying to make the stk1160 video capture driver for the syntek easycap device. I get these warnings;

WARNING: "snd_ac97_bus" [/home/stk1160-standalone/stk1160.ko] undefined! WARNING: "snd_ac97_mixer" [/home/stk1160-standalone/stk1160.ko] undefined!

I’ve been slogging away at google and all I have is a feeling that these are part of ALSA and I should have them in my kernel.

ALSA is enable in my kernel ( lsmod shows snd_usb_audio is there for example). Looking at .config SOUND and SND are both ‘y’… but I see no options for snd_ac97_bus or snd_ac97_mixer (or ac97 anything).

Have I done something stupid?
Do I need to remove ALSA from the kernel and get a new alsa driver?

Stumped, and grateful for any help.