BeagleBone synchronous data collection

Hello everyone
I am Nishant Pani, a senior undergraduate in Electrical and Electronics from BITS Pilani Hyderabad. I am well versed with C, Makefiles use GNU/Linux as my regular OS with decent experience in bash and command line ,have bit of experience writing assembly in MIPS,ARM and 8086 and a similar bit of experience with Linux Device Drivers. The idea regarding Beaglebone Synchronous collection has caught my interest and I have done a bit of reading especially how Abhishek implemented Beaglelogic and I am going through the other PRU projects in previous GSOC, plus a bunch of other stuff like watching Jason’s workshops on the PRU and reading up Derek’s book.

Alright so now to my main doubt, in a previous IRC chat in the community it became clear that collecting synchronous data has the advantages of more accurate data collection and I hazard an educated guess that it could also lead to better sampling rates. But I am still not able to wrap my head around what should the end product be: a kernel module that adds support for synchronous data collection or something else . Am I exploring in the right direction or I am simply wasting time in the direction I am going.