Beaglebone TFT LCD panel support


I am a newbie. Bought a beaglebone and working on adding TFT LCD
support to Android. The panel is AUO type 7 inch 800x480 TFT and it
needs 24-bit RGB parallel data, HSYNC, VSYNC, Data Enable and DCLK
(I2C not needed).

How can I add my LCD panel support to the kernel code?

Using "make menuconfig ARCH=arm" option I looked at the available LCD
panel support. I also saw the driver code under /drivers/omap2 folder.
Can I use these code and add my lcd panel support?

Thanks a lot.


Is my question too dumb?

I thought you will help me out.
please tell me which code I should modify.

Thanks a lot.

We have an LCD panel the same size. We plug it into the BeagleBone and it works fine. You will need to set the parameters on your screen resolution. You will need help from some of the SW team for that.

Will that make your display work? I have no idea how you are hooking it up. If you are using the right pins… The right voltage levels. Is it 16b? Is it 24b? How do you turn on your power? Only you know that. How is the backlight contolled? Only you know that. You have chosen not to supply a schematic, So it is mainly impossible to answer your question.


Thanks for your reply.

You said we can set the screen params. please let me know how to do
that. I will appreciate that.

HW wise I am ok. I have lots of experience with this LCD HW. I have a
different working system. I plan to drive voltage/backlight from that
board. HW is certainly not an issue for me. my breakout board is
ready. all I need to do is to connect with beagle bone. I will try
this today.
if things does not workout well I will post my schematics.

again thanks for your quick reply.


I told you. Ask a SW person. I am the HW person. I do HW. Or even better, add a SW person to your team and you two can work together on this. You will need to create a driver for your LCD.

I am glad you are OK with HW. But, if you want to be told how to change the SW, you need to tell people what the SW needs to do to make the HW work. Changing the timing will not drive the display unless it is all turned on, unless your plann is to have it always turned on. Plus they will need to know the HSYNC and VSYNC timing. And as as I already said, is it 16b or 24b. You must provide a compete picture to get what you want.