Beaglebone UART3_RXD mux settings

Hi all,

I’m currently investigating the Beaglebone for use in a research project and have been configuring all the serial ports. I’ve managed to get UART1, 2, 4 & 5 working without problems. However, I can’t find the mux settings required in order to expose UART3_RXD onto the expansion header. I’ve found uart3_txd on P9:42, so I assume that the RXD should be available on the connector as well, but I just can’t see it anywhere.

Is it me missing something obvious?
Thanks in advance

Unless I am misreading the schematic, that pin is actually not exposed. Check pages 4 and 8 of the schematic, it appears that the connection is straight to the LAN8710A.


The TX and RX lines are not exposed on the expansion header.


Thanks both, I wondered if it was something like that, but my background isn’t electronics so I wanted to double check I wasn’t missing anything.

Thanks again.