Beaglebone ubuntu kernell update

Hi, I have a beaglebone running ubuntu Oneiric 11.10 that I get from
According to command uname -a I get Linux omap 3.1.0-psp3 #1 SMP Fri
Dec 23 10:44:55 UTC 2011 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux
Meaning that my kernell is version 3.1.0-psp3

Some serch and maybe found the new kernell version for this board on there is a version v3.2.2-x3/
Is that the lasteste kernell version for this ubuntu Oneiric 11.10 ?

Any one could help me to update to new kernell


No, that "v3.2.2-x3" kernel will not boot on the BeagleBone. The
current 'v3.1.0-psp3' is the latest stable release on I'm
working on an update..


Hi, tanks for answering
Some question maybe related to kernell
In this ubuntu oneric 11.10 with kernell v3.1.0-psp3 I found that if I
insert a usb device its well recognized, but if I remove it and insert
other USB devices are no more recognized, seems like usb went down..

What kind of problem is this?


I understand that Debian are intending to put 3.2 in Weasy later this
year as the release kernel, so getting 3.2 for the Bone would make it
easier for Debian users. So having a 3.2 kernel which is Bone worthy
and is easily visible for Weasy users will be good once that is released.

There is a good chance that armhf will be accepted into Weasy as well
although that is not guaranteed yet.

It might also be worth getting them to back port the USB ID for the
Bone into that 3.2 kernel so they do not get kernel traps as I did for
people who install Weasy on their desktops to which they attach their Bones.