beaglebone ubuntu nodejs

Hi, which is the latest nodejs version supported by beaglebone with ubuntu?
Why is not nodejs included in ubuntu? I take about one hour to get it work bulding


sudo apt-get install nodejs ??


Hi, I’ve done sudo apt-get install nodejs it download some packets and installed it
But i’ve done node -v and it stills v0.4.12 :confused: Anything wrong?
At nodejs site I can see that it goes on v0.6.19 version

V0.4.14 matches up with what would be installed with oneiric… either rebuild from source or upgrade to precise which has v0.6.12… or quantal ‘burning’ edge development with v0.6.19…

Sorry did not understod.
I did sudo apt-get install nodejs and it installed some packages but version still the same
Why is this apening?


ubuntu is not a rolling release, so if your running oneiric (11.10)
(which is basicly frozen for packages, unless it's a bug fix), you
will always get that one specific version... If you want a later
version, you need to either build it yourself, copy the later *.deb
(and hope it's dependices are still met) or upgrade your system to
precise (12.04).