[Beaglebone] USB HUB dual camera problem


I am developing an application on Beaglebone by using opencv libraries. Because beaglebone has only one usb host port, I connected a USB hub to my bone and connected two usb camera. Bandwith is not adequate for dual cam live stream capture, so I am trying to capture cameras by turn.

Firstly, I am capturing from camera 1 and then I am closing the capture. Secondly I am capturing from camera 2 and then closing the capture. This process is a loop but after a few turn my beaglebone gives error messages about usb hub and can not find /dev/video devices.

Why I can not sustain this scenario? Do you have any suggestion about solution?
I am using Angstrom distribution. Can any other distro like Ubuntu solve the problem? I think it is a hardware sourced problem but I am not sure.
Any suggestion would be great.



hallo, try to install android x86 7.1 r2 version. On 8.1 oreo camera need to reboot, awerway 4.0.4 bad picture from usb video. Aplication don't start with can't connect error. thanks