BeagleBone wireless ubuntu

Hi, I need to get a reliable wireless link in my beaglebone, first
attemp was with d-link g122( rt73 chip), this works more or less, the
connection is nice, but some in time it lost the connection to
beagleboard(connection to router is still up but no ssh access to bone
IP), and have to get the stick out and put again to get again
connection (i've done some experiments but i still have this annoying
problem, maybe the driver cause this)

Is there anyone that sucessfull installed a wireless usb in beaglebone
runing ubuntu?
Any tutorial?


Hi there,

You might consider using something like this:

It can be configured as a bridge with no drivers needed and it plugs into the bone's Ethernet port thus freeing your USB port.

   -- Wayne

In the past with ralink rt7x devices using the rt73usb (rt2x00)
driver, if the connection is hit/miss, sometimes it helps to disable
power management on them..

check with iwconifg, too see if it's set: "Power Management:off"..