Beaglebone with 10" touch screen


For a project I need a beaglebone and a 10 inch Touch lcd screen. But that isn’t that easy as it sounds.
I did buy a lcd cap. But they only work with there own distribution. A embedded HDMI touch monitor is (almost) impossible to source. It needs to be build in a frame.

So I 'm only solution is a LVDS LCD touch screen and a HDMI LVDS converter.
But I didn 't find a good source for HDMI LVDS converter so I have to make my own.

So am I missing something, is there no easy way to connect a Touch LCD module on a beaglebone that works with a standard linux distribution?

Does it have to be a 10" or would a 7" do the trick. The screens from 4D systems work out of the box and at $89 are very affordable. Adafruit also has this listed under their BBB products which should imply that it works