beaglebone with module GPRS

I need information about how & which module GPRS use with the
beaglebone, I am new with this board and I am looking for links and
documentation to use a module GPRS.

I think the fast way to start is use a dongle USB GPRS module with
drivers for Linux but I don't know which model is the better.

Anybody how to know use a dongle USB GPRS module with beaglebone?


Hi, in my beaglebone I tested Huawei K3765 , Huawei E353 and ZTE
MF626 3G USB dongles with success
Now I'm using Huawei E353 because it has antenna connector and more
reliable for a all-time-connected.
U can find K3765 or E353 on ebay unlocked for nice price.

It would be easier to get the modem working on the bone with ubuntu
Kind of plug an play, Only need to install ppp dialer apt-get install

After that it is recommend to disable the CD-ROM mode of the USB
dongle, for this u need to open a serial connection for example in
windows and type at^u2diag=256 enter or at^u2diag=0 enter , more
info about that search google "HUAWEI Disable CDRom Mode"
To test AT command on serial just write AT than enter And u should
receive OK if the serial connection is correct, if not try other
serial port..

After that u plug the dongle in bone and go on command line and type
It will list the device pluged like this :

[254514.772777] usb 1-1.2: new high-speed USB device number 12 using
[254514.874784] usb 1-1.2: New USB device found, idVendor=12d1,
[254514.874834] usb 1-1.2: New USB device strings: Mfr=3, Product=2,
[254514.874872] usb 1-1.2: Product: HUAWEI Mobile
[254514.874901] usb 1-1.2: Manufacturer: HUAWEI Technology
[254514.885585] option 1-1.2:1.0: GSM modem (1-port) converter
[254514.886712] usb 1-1.2: GSM modem (1-port) converter now attached
to ttyUSB0
[254514.889588] option 1-1.2:1.1: GSM modem (1-port) converter
[254514.890889] usb 1-1.2: GSM modem (1-port) converter now attached
to ttyUSB1
[254514.895496] option 1-1.2:1.2: GSM modem (1-port) converter
[254514.896857] usb 1-1.2: GSM modem (1-port) converter now attached
to ttyUSB2
[254514.899147] scsi9 : usb-storage 1-1.2:1.3
[254515.915439] scsi 9:0:0:0: Direct-Access Vodafone Storage
(Huawei) 2.31 PQ: 0 ANSI: 2
[254515.930543] sd 9:0:0:0: Attached scsi generic sg0 type 0
[254515.938729] sd 9:0:0:0: [sda] Attached SCSI removable disk

If u get this ur on the good way
U have 3 serial ttyUSB0 , ttyUSB1 , ttyUSB2, and sda(microsd card)
ttyUSB0 is for the ppp dialer and ttyUSB2 is for AT command mode and
monitor (u can also send and receive SMS)

If u want to get into GPRS mode instead of 3G/UMTS u have to send an
AT command AT^SYSCFG=13,1,3FFFFFFF,1,2 for GPRS only or
AT^SYSCFG=14,2,3FFFFFFF,1,2 for 3G only (default)
GPRS is much slower and more ping but u have much more distance range
Need also to register a modem to network send AT+CPIN=xxxx on AT
command line where xxxx is ur PIN , u should receive OK that the modem
is registered at network.

Now u have to configure the pppd (must be installed first apt-get
install ppp)
I'm using the following command to activate my connection:

pppd /dev/ttyUSB0 921600 mtu 552 mru 552 modem crtscts dump
defaultroute noipdefault usepeerdns ktune noauth logfd 2 logfile /
pppd.log lock persist holdoff 1 maxfail 20 connect "/usr/sbin/chat -v
-f /etc/ppp/connect_script"

U have to edit the dialer script with command nano /etc/ppp/
My script is this:

# chat script
'' 'ATZ'
OK 'ATQ0 V1 E1'
OK 'AT&D2 &C1'
OK 'ATS0=0'
# repalce with ur provider
# make sure the dial number for ur operator data mode is *99#
OK 'ATDT*99#'

After u have this script with ur provider and correct dial number u
can use the pppd command to get connected as I said before.
U can also see the log of pppd to see if everything went allright
with command cat /pppd.log

Then u do an ifconfig and u will see ur new ppp connection with the IP
of mobile dongle.

U could also use sakis3G to get connected in a easier way
sakis3g connect APN="internet" APN_USER="" APN_PASS=""
ttyUSB0" SIM_PIN="xxxx"
Just repalce xxxx with pin and use ur APN provider ,user and pass
or u can use interactive mode type command sakis3G connect --

If u are using angstrom distribution on bone u will have more work to
do get it connected, a good start is
u can see some help to get dongles working, just collect ideas an u
could have luck


Great example @vitoracmm I got my Huavey E3131s-2 working with ubuntu demo image. In ifconfig I see my dongle IP, but I cannot connect to the ssh server with that IP. Any ideea why? I am not that experienced with linux or networking.

Thank you

Hi , if you are using Ubuntu you can install wvdial, it is easier than ppp : sudo apt-get install wvdial.

Is wvdial in the repositories for Ubuntu on beaglebone? Last time I checked I could not find it. But I did hear something about it being installed as default at some time.

It's installed by default with the 9-27 update, in precise &
quantal... (for oneiric, it was not apt-get able..)


Marco Casaroli

Can someone tell me how to disable cd rom mode of the usb dongle?

I’m working with Beagleboard (Angstrom) and i want to connect it with my Huawei e137, but i realized that the problem is that BB sees huawei as cd rom and not as ttyUSBx.

Please if someone know step how to do this? i’m new in this so i don’t know where to look.


Dana utorak, 8. siječnja 2013. 20:20:30 UTC+1, korisnik Marco Casaroli napisao je:

Most of these modems have both, some "cd rom" with some autoboot
software for Windows _and_ a ttyxxxx. Have a look at the Kernel logs
to find the latter....


when i plug Huawei i got this:

[ 31.310058] usb 1-2.1: Product: HUAWEI Mobile
[ 31.314636] usb 1-2.1: Manufacturer: HUAWEI
[ 31.454528] scsi0 : usb-storage 1-2.1:1.0
[ 31.460510] scsi1 : usb-storage 1-2.1:1.1
[ 33.965209] scsi 1:0:0:0: Direct-Access HUAWEI SD Storage 2.31 PQ: 0 ANSI: 2
[ 33.975311] scsi 0:0:0:0: CD-ROM HUAWEI Mass Storage 2.31 PQ: 0 ANSI: 2
[ 33.994232] sr0: scsi-1 drive
[ 33.997375] cdrom: Uniform CD-ROM driver Revision: 3.20
[ 34.011810] sr 0:0:0:0: Attached scsi CD-ROM sr0
[ 34.012603] sr 0:0:0:0: Attached scsi generic sg0 type 5
[ 34.019958] sd 1:0:0:0: Attached scsi generic sg1 type 0
[ 34.028228] sd 1:0:0:0: [sda] Attached SCSI removable disk

it doesn’t say where it is attached (tty…)…

Dana četvrtak, 18. travnja 2013. 17:05:00 UTC+2, korisnik Dieter Wirz napisao je:

Did you wait long enough?
I have no BB here, but I plugged in an old Novatel Modem into my ubuntu Laptop:
[ 454.282437] usb 1-1.2.1: new full-speed USB device number 13 using ehci_hcd

And three minutes later:

[ 457.497443] usb 1-1.2.1: GSM modem (1-port) converter now attached to ttyUSB0

yes, i waited for ten minutes and nothing happened :frowning:

Dana četvrtak, 18. travnja 2013. 20:01:40 UTC+2, korisnik Dieter Wirz napisao je:


i’m working with huawei e173s on angstrom and i can’t make it to turn in modem mode.

i’ve installed usb_modeswitch:

[code]root@beagleboard:~# usb_modeswitch --version

  • usb_modeswitch: handle USB devices with multiple modes
  • Version 1.2.1 © Josua Dietze 2011
  • Based on libusb0 (0.1.12 and above)


i added:

[code]nano /etc/usb_modeswitch.d/12d1:1c0b