BeagleBone won't connect in Ubuntu

I have been playing with the BeagleBone - rev A4 for about a week
now. At first, I was having trouble getting Ubuntu to see it and
connect to the internet. I then got it working by using modprobe and
setting a udev rule. I was able to connect to the internet after
doing a soft reboot. However, all that stopped 2 evenings ago. Now,
Ubuntu keeps telling me the resource is busy when I try to connect
through /dev/ttyUSB1. I can connect to it through Windows using Putty
everytime, but internet refuses to work. I am hesitant to remove the
resistor as suggested earlier. Could all this symptoms be related?

Not sure if they are related, but they may be. Removing the resistor is fine and not difficult to do.


Over the last few evenings, I have noticed that connecting to the
board has become increasingly difficult, as mentioned in the previous
posts. Last night, it would not connect through USB in Windows or
Ubuntu. In addition, I no longer see a flashing "heartbeat" above the
USB connection on the board and the leds do not flash when an ethernet
cable is plugged into the board. There is nothing plugged into any of
the headers. Is the board dead, or are there things I could try to


If you connect the USB port and activate a terminal program and then hit the reset button what do you see? If characters are printed, then it is trying to boot.

If the above shows nothing, you can also check the voltage on P2 pin 10 which is the SYS_RESET signal. If it is less that 3.2V, then you may have a bad reset button. If possible for you to do, you can remove that switch. That should resolve this issue,


If you have the shipped microSD card you can use that to test.

I had a problem that may have been caused by powering off without first shutting down, apt-get complained of read-only /var.

I put the microSD card in a reader on Ubuntu x86_64 and ran fsck.ext4 /dev/sdb then normal service on the BeagleBone was restored.

Thanks for the assistance. It actually ended up being an invalid
partition on the microSD card. Like the rookie that I am, I was just
unplugging the device instead of actually shutting it down. I suspect
this was the culprit. I wiped the card and uploaded a new image and
the board is alive again.


The problem is that it dies silently rather than reporting a SD inconsistency as happens normally.
When that happens first I try fsck and if that doesn't fix the problem then a new build is done.