BeagleBone X15?

No, it is not a typo: but how about a BeagleBone with this new, dual-core processor?

I know, die to it’s size it never could have that much peripherals like the BeagleBoard X15, but having the current interfaces plus this processor should not only bring more computing power but also a better price (comparing to BeagleBoard X15).

Just as an idea…

Cool idea, I take three! :smiley:

For me it would also be fine when HDMI output and/or on-board MMC are missing on such a BeagleBone…

is this a suggestion or an announcement? whatever, i would be interested too!


Sounds good! Is there really such a successor of the BBB planned?

I second that. Any plans for an upgraded BBB which provides more computing power while being compatible to the current hardware interfaces?