BeagleboneBlack (3359 processor)+CCS+JTAG+StarterWare+AnalogInputs

Hey everyone,

At the moment I’m working with StarterWare on BBB with CCS with a JTAG. I already did the BlinkLed example, and I can work with the GPIO and Timers. Now I want to work with the ADC channels (AIN0 to AIN6).

To work with the analog input, I made some changes in the project like changing the beaglebone header file as well copy files to the platform folder, using the evmAM335x ADC example.

The thing is the example only does one read in channels AIN0 and AIN1. So I would like to know how can I simultaneously read all the ADC channels, changing the ADC configuration. I would be very grateful if someone helps in the matter. I don’t know if this information is enough to evaluate the problem. If you need more just say it.Thanks for the attention.

Best regards,