beagleboneblack access point

I am working at a university project at the moment. The Project should contain a BeagleBoneBlack, witch streams a video signal (analog PAL) from a video grabber over a website on a local Webserver via Wlan to a tablet or something else.

There are a lot of tutorials on the internet. I have testet a lot of them until I have decided to ask for help.

My skills regarding the BeagleBoneBlack and the programming with linux are moderate.

I use an BeagleBoneBlack and an USB-Wireless stick with the Ralink RT5370 Chipset.

This was the link of the tutorial on the internet:

After the application of the tutorial i get these error:

Configuration file: /etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf
nl80211: Could not configure driver mode
nl80211: deinit ifname=wlan0 disabled_11brates=0
nl80211: driver initialization failed.
wlan0: interface state UNINITALIZed → DISABLED
hostapd_free_hapd_data: Interface wlan0 wasn’t started

Excuse me for my English skills and
Thanks and best wishes