Beagleboneblack booting

Tried flashing latest angstrom distribution from beagle bone nothing happened. Board now only boots with micro SD card inserted. Just wondering if this is normal.

This is not normal if you do it correctly. What procedures are you following? How long did you wait for it to complete the flashing process?


Well, I kept the boot button down connected the power until all 4 LED’s lit up, it ran all night waiting for the lights to stop blinking. Lights kept blinking until I powered down.

Sounds like you used a SD image that was not a flasher image.


No, I used the 2G image file for flashing. The other difference I see is that only 3 User led’s are lit during power up instead of the normal 4 when an SD card is installed. Strange.


It's looking for zImage on the microSD card.

A workaround using "uEnv.txt" for blank microSD card's is on the elinux faq.


Thank you,

Got it working finally. Now to see if I can find my Linux books or some new one's and see what I missed the last10 years. Haven't written code since OS2. Again, thank you.