BeagleboneBlack - Compile DIGI Drivers

Hello everyone,

I just replaced my raspbery ft by Beagleboneblack, I’m not a mad programmer, though I understood the methodology of recompiling the kernel with a RPi.

I managed to activate UARTs 2.3 and 4 for my application but I am facing a new problem.

I need to compile drivers from manufacturers on the black. it’s drivers are needed for the kernel sources and I do not understand how to retrieve the black.

My black works with distribution: Linux ubuntu 3.8.13-armhf-bone18 # 1 SMP Fri May 17 1:29:38 UTC 2013 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU / Linux

Thank you for your help.

Extract from drivers compilation :

Just run Georg Kaindl's script:

chmod +x ./

and it'll download/install the headers for that kernel..


I’m trying that immediatly :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot.

Works fine but not enought space on Emmc to get all kernel sources :frowning: