BeagleBoneBlack demo image flash guide help

I want to use RobertCNelson’s ubuntu demo image in my BeagleBoneBlack.
I try to search and read, but I need some confirmation and some sort of guide to get a right direction of what I am suppose to do.

I git clone the omap-image-builder and linux-dev.git into my PC with ubuntu 12.04LTS VMware, running on Windows 7.
I guess I have to build the image in my pc before writing the bootloader and rfs into uSD card for my BBB.
I plan to run my BBB with the Robert’s ubuntu demo image. I got a 8G blank uSD card.

so should I run the omap-image-builder with the following:




then I should get the image file somewhere in my PC?
how do I go around for linux-dev.git? how do i combine the image with kernel... ?

confuse. Please help.

So it sounds like you do not qualify as "Advanced Users only" therefor
use the "pre-built" images one more page length down on the mouse
scroll wheel..