BeagleBoneBlack demo Image start up guide help

I wanted to use RobertCNelson’s Ubuntu demo image but I’m quite new with Linux and BBB.
Need some help here:

I try to go through the guide but I seems like not really understand it.

I git clone the omap-image-builder and linux-dev.git into my PC Ubuntu 12.04LTS. I am using BeagleBoneBlack.
I plan to flash the image into a blank uSD card and run the BBB with the uSD.

How do I get the image? issit
run the




will generate an image file in my PC so I can write into my uSD ?

then build the kernel using the linux-dev.git ?

Sorry for a total newbie question if there's already some guide out there.

If you just want to run the Ubuntu or Debian demo image from the SD card, I wrote a blog post about that here: