Beagleboneblack: Display performance issue, while interfacing with MIPI

Hi all,

Currently we are facing Display performance issue. i.e, display is not building up quickly.

For Your Information,

  1. We use Beagle Bone Black board and debian, By default CONFIG_NEON is enabled in kernel(3.8).

  2. [ Beagle Bone Black (LCD controller + SPI)] <------> [MIPI (SSD2828)] <--------> LCD.

  3. We run clock frequency as 68.43MHz, Hope this should not be problem as Beagle Bone Black support upto ~120MHz.

  4. Number of pixels - 1280 x 800.

  5. We use MIPI bridge(SSD2828), to interface with MIPI LCD.

Let us know if there is any steps that we need to take care to resolve this issues.

If there is any way to figure out or test the display performance will be helpful to narrow down the issue.

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