beagleboneblack not turn on (the lights do not work)

Hello everyone

My beagle bone black does not work. Had installed ubuntu 14.04 and as had many problems working with a server and serial ports I decided to install debian 7.5. My problem occurred when calculating the time of installation. I wait three minutes and believed that the installation process is ready and disconnect everything and took my TV, but the beagle did not work.

  • Symptoms that has the beagle is as follows

–at Try to connect by USB power LED flashes only once and then off. and led others do nothing
–at Connect with external power (5V, 2.5A) power LED remains lit steadily, but not others led on. This also increases the temperature, the bottom of the plate is too hot.

What could it be? is successfully burned? or be a problem of bad flash?

Greetings and thanks

Sounds like you may have damaged the board some how. The flashing LED says the USB current is oo high and shuts down. On 5V power it has enough to keep going, but if the board is getting hotter than normal, then that says the could be some damage.

I suggest that you request and RMA and get it looked at.


Thanks Gerald . when I connect to the source of 5v 2.5A and try to do the botting to install a new OS , the beagle turns green LED on the Ethernet port and remains constant . but still nothing happens with botting

If I press the power and reset button while powering the mini usb my computer also the power LED is lit until the reset button loose .