BeagleBoneBlack SD card boot

I want to boot from the sd card on the beaglebone black without having to press any button. In order to do this I think I can use the uboot env on the internal flash. Is this correct? And if so, how do I configure the sd card to be bootable?

If you’re using an older bootloader on the eMMC you’ll either have to wipe MLO, and u-boot.img off the eMMC. Or flash to a newer image onto the eMMC - Which by default also updates the first and second stage boot loaders( MLO / u-boot.img ).

I have this same problem with an A5A BBB, which I intend on keeping Angstrom on for now. Me, I just press the boot button. . . .

Oh, and right. u-boot looks to load uEnv.txt from the sdcard first. So uEnv.txt on the eMMC should not be the problem.

One thing I just now realized, is that you can backup MLO, and u-boot.img to some where else, and then just delete them. Then you should not need to pres the boot button when booting from sdcard. After that if you want to reinstate, just copy MLO, and u-boot.img back.