beagleboneblack with mostly black screen (HDMI)

I received the BBB and if booted I can see a splash screen but then it disappears. I am using a 4A 5V external PSU (measured 5.13V). The unit however is running , because I could access it with a TTL (RS232) cable was able to create a passwd to ssh from Linux (Linux does not allow ‘non’ password for SSH). I first thought it might be a flash problem so I downloaded the latest image (On my Linux PC) and flash the on-board flash (took 1 hour), however the screen… still does dead … (My hardware setup however works fine with RPI, and the screen is standard 1280x1024) My two USB hubs also did not work on the BBB and I had to buy a new one, (they however work fine on the RPI and PC’s). I tried various monitors as well. I even went a buy a 'expensive golden Phillips HDMI cable, but the problem persist. I was expection at least a screen on start-up on a new module…

It does however (pressing any key on the keyboard) recover later and then the beaglebone “Automatic logging in” is displayed … but it seem to be useless and endless, Then once, with a black screen (after I had a breakfast) … all seem well, and I could use the GUI, but could not find any connman-manger GUI for help, as the internet did not work. I do have a RPI as router / firewall and all my other PCs seem to have no problem with it, however on the next boot the same problem on the BBB … no screen.

I also bought a 7inch LCD cap from beagleboardtoys, needless to say I only have a blank screen, it does however flash a white screen on boot-up, that why I went to the HDMI route.

I wanted to use connman to enable the internet … but it seem one need a PHD to do it from the command line, who can remember and type correctly “wifi_dc85de828967_3257495245363836_managed_wep” ?.. we are no conn-mans

  1. Screen : Where does one start to debug … the BBB can be accessed via TTL & network …
  2. Connman … is a GUI available,?

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