BeagleBoneGreen Wireless Idea Contest  —— get the board FOR FREE with your idea!

1,What is BBGW?

SeeedStudio BeagleBone Green Wireless(BBG
Wireless) is based on the open-source
hardware design of BeagleBone Black. Compared to the BBG it has a 2.4-GHz wireless module(2x2 MIMO Wi-Fi + Bluetooth)on board, making it more suitable for IoT prototyping.

Comparison with BBB & BBG

BBGW will be the First Wi-Fi+BLE Board from BeagleBoard Community! (Check this statement. Last week another company released a BBG with WiFi and BT)

Supports AP+STA Mode for Wireless LAN Networking & A2DP & MRAA Library

So, you like the features of BBGW ? You can get one for free!


l free boards for 20 gold ideas winners

l $20 coupon for 100 silver idea winners

What you need to do is – spend a few minutes to submit your IDEA !

Are you ready to get started ? Show us what YOU will make!

3,Get started!

Get the free board here:

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