Beaglenes doesnot boot

Hi. My beaglebone black does not work. It just doesnot boot. Any one have the same issue?
BBB i think os rev b and beaglenes .06.


I think you’ll need to provide more information if you are looking for help here.

What are the symptoms and what have you tried?

And do you have access to a USB-Serial cable that you can connect to the debug port ??

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What did the output from your FTDI cable show you? Did you look at the documentation ( If so, what did you try from the “troubleshooting” section (section 4.1, pages 23 and 24)? Are you using an HDMI display with audio or only video (like a computer monitor)? Did you decompress the image prior to writing it to the microSD card (section 2.3, pages 10 and 11)? What software did you use to write the image to the microSD card? dd? Or something else? Can you see any partitions on the microSD card when you mount it on a Linux PC?

Thanks a lot all the answers. I will read the documentation and do all the tests and return tomorrow. I used HDMI DVI cabel. I used the same step and software to create SD card as BBB advised.

If you are converting to DVI, then you are probably using a computer monitor without audio. BeagleSNES forces its resolution to 720x480, which is a CEA video mode that support both audio and video for HDMI televisions (480i). A standard computer monitor will typically not support this mode, meaning that your BeagleSNES system may be booting properly but you just can’t see anything on the screen. You can try making a backup copy of the uEnv.txt file in the /boot partition and then removing the “video=720x480@60-16” option from the kernel command line. The kernel will default to the highest resolution available for your monitor, but BeagleSNES will still assume only a 720x480 display.

BeagleSNES is really only intended for use with HDMI televisions or the LCD3 cape, but you can usually coax it into working with a computer monitor (though you lose out on the audio unless you plug in a USB audio device and use that).


Thanks Andrew you where correct. I just try it with an hdmi HDMI and it was just OK. I will try to show it on a meeting for 200people next month. Hope Evert thing works fine :wink: