Beagleplay Camera Use Case (OV5647)

Hello community. I am pretty new to embedded Linux but have some experience with raspberry pi’s. I have a OV5647 CSI camera which I would like to use with the new BeaglePlay. I have the camera physically connected to the BeaglePlay and I know for certain the camera works because I have been using it with a raspberry pi running MotionEyeOS. My end goal is to build a H.264 live streaming camera but for now I just want to take a simple photo with the camera and save it to the desktop directory. How do I do this? Like what set of commands would I use in the terminal to do this? Also can I use some Python code to take simple photos and eventually take video which can be streamed.

Thanks, JEF

Which module do you have? Wonder if have that one…

I’ve used the Pcam 5C: 5 MP Fixed-Focus Color Camera Module - Digilent which is OV5640…

give it at try, mplayer should load it as-is… Beagleplay camera connection - #2 by virtualRadish

Use this overlay: src/arm64/overlays/BPLAY-CSI-ov5640.dts · v5.10.x-ti-unified · / BeagleBoard-DeviceTrees · GitLab

and adjust: src/arm64/overlays/BPLAY-CSI-ov5640.dts · v5.10.x-ti-unified · / BeagleBoard-DeviceTrees · GitLab


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I am using the Arducam OV5647 which I got off amazon.

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add’s to cart, let’s try it…

I think this tweaked overlay would work:


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Hey Robert thankyou for the help!
How do I implement this overlay? It looks like I need to generate a .dtbo file from the BPLAY-CSI-ov5647.dts and then save that file to the /boot/firmware/overlays/ directory. After that it seems that I need to edit the extlinux.conf file in /boot/firmware/extlinux/ directory and add the line “fdtoverlays /overlays/BPLAY-CSI-ov5647.dtbo” . Am I on the right track or am I over complicating this? Currently I am struggling to generate the .dtbo file using the Device Tree Complier (dtc). It is giving me a syntax error on line 9. Probably because it can’t find GPIO.h file.

git clone -b v5.10.x-ti-unified
cd ./BeagleBoard-DeviceTrees/
sudo make install_arm64

Add to /boot/firmware/extlinux/extlinux.conf

fdtoverlays /overlays/BPLAY-CSI-ov5647.dtbo


I am also attempting to use the ov5647 and I did as this forum suggests, but no dice. It seems to detect the ov5647, creates the media0 and for some reason video0 to video3 files, but trying to open video0 does not work.
doing the played command: “v4l2: ioctl get standard failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device”
Doing libcamera’s cam command also spits out an error. Will post logs if needed.