BeaglePlay Particularities

A couple of BeaglePlay questions.

  1. My board (by Seeed, purchased via Mouser recently) is populated with XAM6254 SoC. Is that normal? It’s not a production or pre-production revision, it’s a prototype revision. How buggy that silicon is?

  2. The parts reference designations are not silk screened on the PCB and I did not find the related data in the git repository. How I can identify the locations of the components on the board?

BTW, another difficult question.

The board is equipped with two ISM radios, one of them is based on CC1352P7 chip. It can work at so-called sub-G frequencies. Although the frequency regulations are nation-specific, the chip is marketed as SDR so i presume the SW will take care of that.

But there are also a hardware options in the design. Look at the sheet 19 of the schematics. There is L7 inductor in the balun circuit of the hi-power tx path. The inscription on the diagram (copy-pasted from the related TI reference design) suggests the two inductance values, one is optimal for the “FCC” band and the other - for the “ETSI” band. Current BOM shows that the “FCC” option is taken (no wonder). What about the European option? How to distinguish the board localization options using the sticker/EEPROM data?