BeagleSNES with non-Tomee controller?

Anyone here know anything about using Gtron controllers with BeagleSNES? The guide says there is only official support for Tomee, I was wondering if there was any unofficial for Gtron, as I don’t have the knowledge to create the mapping myself.

I don’t have that particular controller, so I can’t tell you whether it works or not. As long as there isn’t a specific kernel driver for that control (meaning it will work with the generic USB joystick driver already in BeagleSNES), you’ll get joystick events from the gamepad. But, that might not be all that useful to you if the buttons aren’t properly mapped. BeagleSNES v0.5 will have a better button mapping mechanism, since the button mapping is hard-coded in the source for the Tomee on the front-end GUI. Give it a try if you have the controller handy and mail me directly (hendersa (at) with the results and I’ll add it into my notes.