BeagleTouch on Ubuntu

I bought beagle board package on liquidware and it came with angstrom
os. I want to change this with ubuntu. But it has also beagletouch and
i want to drive it into ubuntu.

i used these instructions
for ubuntu. only i changed the rootfs files. and i used ubuntu's
rootfs file.
But it didnt work. in serial port i took errors.

How can i do that? how can i drive beagletouch on my ubuntu?

Thank you.

Did you try the precompiled image?


Yes i tried this
precompiled ubuntu and then ubuntu worked fine. But Beagletouch did
not work. After that i changed uImage files of precompiled and
antipashows but this time it saw the beagletouch, i took i2c error in
serial port. and halt. how can i do that? Thank you Mark.