Bealgebone black VGA Adapter wierdness

I’ve got an HDMI to VGA adapter. It works. I get a boot screen, and then a GUI after Debian has finished loading.

My problem is that everything is either shifted or compacted to the left hand side of my monitor. I’m left with a black band on the right hand side of my monitor. During the boot sequence, the Tux logo that’s supposed to appear in the top left of the screen just shows the edge of his body and his foot.

If I plug the adapter in to a newer widescreen monitor, after a few seconds the monitor re-adjusts itself and everything is hunky-dory.

Does anybody have any ideas on how to adjust my display (preferably automatically) to adapt to the correct resolution? I’ve tried the “Auto adjust” function on the monitor itself but no luck there. Is there some way in Linux itself to re-configure itself to work with a given monitor?

Any thoughts are appreciated.

This is a monitor problem not syncing with the analog VGA signals. You need to look in the monitors menus to change the scale and position.

Tip, if the monitor supports DVI, this will also solve your problem. Get a HDMI to DVI adapter.