BeBoPr Cape Group Purchase

I am using the BeBoPr in my experiments with getting LinuxCNC running
on a BeagleBone to control my 3D printer:

My LinuxCNC Blog including BeagleBone images that support the BeBoPr:

BeBoPr Details:

Note I do not run the code from the git repo above, I run a
bleeding-edge version of LinuxCNC code which is available (including
the PRU source-code) via git. See my blog for details.

Since the BeBoPr boards are not readily available yet via the usual
outlets (they've been back-ordered at Mouser for ages and CircuitCo
doesn't seem to have a production run scheduled in the near future) I
am coordinating a group purchase of some remaining assembled boards
directly from the board designer (Bas Laarhoven) to save on shipping
costs and overall hassle.

Most of the boards are spoken for, but I am buying a few extras. If
you are interested in obtaining one, please contact me directly.

List price is EUR 107 each FOB Europe, but I hope to be able to come
in at or under that including shipping by doing a group buy. I should
have final pricing in a couple of days, once shipping and currency
conversion has been dealt with. I also have some technical details I
can provide if you're

Contact me directly if you're interested.

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Charles Steinkuehler

Unlikely to want a BeBoPr but very interested in your work on LinuxCNC so thanks for posting.

I’ll have a read around your blog ASAP :slight_smile:


BeBoPr boards are now available from Circuitco via the retail site: