Belkin Basic N150 Wireless USB

Has anyone been able to get the Belkin Basic N150 Wireless USB Model
F7D1101 device to work on a BeagleBoard-XM?

lsusb shows the device;
Bus 002 Device 007: ID 050d:945a Belkin Components

but I have no wlan0 interface on ifconfig, only the built in usb0.

iwconfig shows the following
lo no wireless extensions.

usb0 no wireless extensions.

usb1 no wireless extensions.


I figured this one out. For anyone else that happens along this path,
here is what I did to get it working.

First of all, it appears that the Belkin Model F7D1101 uses a Realtek
8192 chipset. A search through the package list revealed this module:
kernel-module-r8192s-usb. I installed this with the following command
line but not entirely sure that it was needed as this alone did not
solve the problem.

opkg install kernel-module-r8192s-usb

After this did not work, I found this link on the ubuntu forums that
handles the download of firmware to the USB device.

After this, I rebooted and USB device was recognized and I was able to
use the gnome wifi manager to connect to wireless access point.