best system for outside use in harsh environments

Hi all!

I’m working for a wind turbine manufacturer, and I want to set up a super-robust data acquisition system. Basically it needs to:

  • receive about 200 channels, single precision, 10-50 Hz through wired network
  • store data for some time (I need about 128 GB storage ideally)
  • process it into secondary (much smaller) data summaries
  • and then the data summaries will be transferred over the wind farm network.

Although it will be installed inside the turbine, conditions are still harsh:

  • Temperatures may range from about -20 to +70 C
  • condensation/humidity may be an issue
  • offshore use is also planned so salinity could be an issue.

Lifetime should be long, say 10 years, with no/very few manual interference. I want to have about 2000 units in the next year.

What do you think, will the BBB be an option for this task? Is airtight (and pressure resistant) casing available to avoid condensation/humidity/salinity issues? Is a micro SD card robust enough when inside this airtight casing?

If the BBB is too hobbyist for my purpose, do you know a more robust system that I could use?

Thanks for the help!