best way to acquire video


I get my bb_xm rev C working (until now…)
It’s running angstrom, kernel 3.2.18, console only - no X server.

My goal is to acquire video stream from easycap (syntek driver) in order to develop an overlay application with Qt4/e.

The usb framegrabber is correctly detected and it works.
I tested it with:

mplayer tv:// -tv driver=v4l2:width=720:height=576:outfmt=uyvy:device=/dev/video0:input=1:fps=25 -nosound

I’m wondering how to harness all the graphic power of the bb.
For example I read the omapfb should be better. But mplayer doesn’t find it (no such driver). I searched in the opkg list but I found only the driver for X server.

Please, remember I need to view the video stream full-screen and then overlay a QT4/e application.
Thanks in advance

The right command is:

mplayer -vo omapfb /dev/video0:input=1 -fs tv://

the video quality is not very high, but I guess it’s due to easycap.
I get about 37% of frame dropped, though.

Next step is to do the same with Qt4/e. Any example or tutorials are welcomed!

A way I found is:

echo 1 > /sys/devices/platform/omapdss/manager0/alpha_blending_enabled
echo 255 > /sys/devices/platform/omapdss/overlay0/global_alpha

mplayer -vo omapfb /dev/video0:input=1 -fs tv://

./myapp -bg transparent -wes

It does what I was looking for. The CPU load is about 50% for acquiring the video.
Is there anything better to do?

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I think it’s possible to do it with the gstreamer api and qt, but i don’t know how to do it. Just an idea.
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You might be interested to take a look at the following Gstreamer example:

In addition, I do not remember exactly where it was, but I guess there
was example in TI SDK illustrated "texture streaming" which shows how
efficiently move video date to the graphic card.