Best way to build Angstrom kernel

I would like advice on the best way to rebuild the Angstrom kernel for the BBB. I need to do this because I do not want HDMI support, but DO want Audio cape support. I have read (last post here) that disabling HDMI patches and rebuilding will do that.

I have rebuilt kernels for embedded Linux before (for the BBW as well as the FriendlyArm years ago), and I remember it being a complete pain in the neck. Many days of troubleshooting errors, setting up build environments and such. I should say that I am still relatively new when it comes to Linux and I was probably doing things the hard way.

I have been occasionally checking in this group and reading how others solved their problems which is encouraging. However, I’d like the most up-to-date instructions to use, if possible. I have been using BBB flasher images from this link since they seem to upload new images pretty often. I can’t seem to find a change log for those images, however (I see the log on the official Software Update page but that doesn’t cover all the mini-updated images).

I have also read that the patch developers were working on a way for both HDMI and Audio capes to work at the same time without need to rebuild the kernel, but I have not seen any news about that lately. I was hoping to wait until they had those compatibility issues worked out in a new release so I didn’t have to bother with the rebuild, but I’ve been waiting several months and am ready to try fixing it myself.

I would like the kernel that I build to be as updated as possible. For example, the latest flasher image from the link I posted above was from yesterday, the 8th. I don’t know if that’s even necessary since I cannot seem to find the change logs for those images.

I have found (again from the first link I gave) this page and this page which seem to have a pretty good list of instructions. Would you recommend I follow those or is there a better set of instructions elsewhere that I could use? Normally I would just jump right in and try it, but I have been burned before by following out-of-date instructions, wasting lots of time only to get nowhere. This is especially bad due to the fast-changing nature of Linux.

I also don’t want to spend time doing this process only to find that a newer image has been released, requiring me to do the whole thing again. I can’t seem to find any “predicted new BBB image release schedule” anywhere. Does anyone know if any major updates are planned to be released soon?

I thank you in advance for your time and advice.