Best way to configure for static IP on BBBW/wifi

I wonder if anybody has some good success with fixing a static IP on a BBBW/4.14.49-ti-r54 IotVersion. I’m getting very mixed results. After running 4 BBBW for a week, two have retained their IP and two have lost their IP as shown by ifconfig.

I’ve a requirement to operate 10 of them all in the same room, performing a test function.

I’ve started by configuring 4 BeagleBone Black WiFi for a static IP on a windows corporate network as a remote test unit. Wireless as its hard to run wires to the location, and fixed IP so that we can easily get remote access over corp WiFi. I’ve been given the range of fixed IPs>230 by IT.

Initially by using the process suggested in


sudo connmanctl config --ipv4 manual <ip_addr> --nameservers <dns_server>

it creates a file in/var/lib/connman/wifi_service>managed_psk/settings

But it wasn’t reliable for all the BBBW on booting to provide WLAN0 IP.

For 3 BBBW I’ve created a file with the service descriptions in

and it was reliable in providing a WLAN0 IP on booting .

Using this method for 3BBBW, and testing with “ping -t”, one BBBW survived over the week, but two lost their IP numbers after a couple of days

So just wondering if anybody has some insights or suggestions.?