Best way to test / transfer BBB Wireless custom Kernel

I have compiled Roberts kernel ( and now trying to figure out how to install the new kernel and the dtb file in order to test it. I know most tutorials say to use tftp and ethernet however the black does not have ethernet.

What is the preferred method of doing this?

I have a UART connection, however if think to do this I would have to compile the SPL too? Which means I would have to compile uboot, transfer the SPL, then execute uboot from memory, then transfer the uimage and dtb then boot?

I have not tried this, thinking that there might be an easier way to do this?



Have you set up the USB Network connection from a PC to the BBBW?

You can see what Mark Yoder did in his exercises for a couple of options:





Take the microSD from the board, plug into your linux pc and run:


(you'll have to update to specify your drive name..)


Thanks for both answers! Is there a real reason to update uboot? I am just enabling some stuff I needed in the kernel so I am not sure that is really needed?

Thanks again for your help.