bitbake angstrom-kde-active-image

I’m attempting to build Angstrom images, and I have set up OpenEmbedded for Angstrom and can successfully bitbake virtual/kernel and some images, but I’m running into errors trying to build angstrom-kde-active-image. It fails on two packages, exiv2 and strigi. I’m not exactly sure what the issue might be, as I’m new to the OpenEmbedded build system. It appears that strigi is attempting to link against the native /usr/lib/ for some reason. Its not clear from the build log what the exiv2 issue is. I haven’t been able to find anything on Google searching for issues with these two packages. I’ve tried cleaning and rebuilding them, I even tried a completely fresh build (removed the build folder), no luck.

I’ve attached the logs from these two errors (exiv2 is log.do_compile.24500 and strigi is log.do_compile.24391). Any suggestions?

log.do_compile.24391 (51.3 KB)

log.do_compile.24500 (5.07 KB)

I was able to work around this finally. I built Angstrom in a Ubuntu LXC container, which appears not to have /usr/lib/ (unlike Gentoo). It still seems like a bug with the build system, but it I have a working image now.

However, I noticed another issue. After starting up my image, there seem to be a number of updates available. I’m not sure why the image I just built isn’t up to date already. Does it build some release tag by default? Is there a way I can build already updated images?