Bitbake build failure of Angstrom


I am attempting to manually rebuild the BeagleBoard validation image
using bitbake.

For this, I used the revision found in /etc/angstrom-version of an
image I built with Narcissus. The OE revision I used referring to the
above version file is: a1f31c757d2514e946737d60789c6f9f05ce38eb (Which
happens to be my fix for GPIO)

Now, when I run a "bitbake beagleboard-validation-gnome-image -k ",
below is the output showing that there are build failures with
libgbod, libnet-dbus-perl. The build did not complete (some 40 tasks

A question that arises is, if Narcissus could build an image with this
tag without failures, why couldn't bitbake?

Here is a build log:

Why are you using -k ?

Hi Koen,

Nice to hear from you.

You're still not answering my question :slight_smile:

Hi Koen,